Every day tens or hundreds (depending on the weather) of Seattle Parks visitors and wildlife bump into uncomfortable encounters with off leash dogs and their owners. This site is set up to serve as the place for us to come together to help create a comfortable park culture for humans to visit and wildlife to live. Feel free to email leashdogs@yahoo.com to suggest a post or meeting announcement.

One thought on “About

  1. HI,

    I was a friend and colleague of Ann Lehnartz and president of Citizen’s for the Protection of Volunteer Park. We sued the city and got the off-leash area behind the museum closed.

    I have a very good lawyer who led the lawsuit, also some information about why most of the OLA’s violate the original parks statutes.

    They are illegal because it is illegal to allow an activity which destroys, mutilates etc. the grass, fences, ….etc.

    That is how we got them last time and also because Jan Drago did not do a proper environmental review in the original determination of non-significance. e.g. she said that the area behind the museum was flat. It slopes at 30%.

    I would like to get active in the Uncola consortium again.

    Ellen Taft
    Seattle Pro-Leash
    CPVP President.


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