Feel free to politely ask people to leash up, but do not engage in conflict – it goes nowhere.

Document –take notes, log license plates numbers and descriptions, discreetly photograph.

To report off leash dogs to Animal Control – First discreetly obtain the license plate or address. Log the date, time, place, description of dog and owner,. Call 206/386-4258 to report an off leash dog. Make sure you give them the license plate or address. Animal Control will research to see if this is a repeat offense. If it’s the first time the offender will be mailed a friendly warning letter informing them where off leash areas are located. If it’s a repeat offense Animal Control will ask you if you are willing to complete an affidavit so they can issue the offender a ticket via mail.

Host a meeting – there are many like-minded people and it’s important for us to support one another. After this site is up for a while membership will grow to the point where you can announce a meeting. Email Everyone who has subscribed to this site will get an email announcement. Just know that if you hold the meeting in a public space like a library or restaurant you may get infiltrators (off leashers) who have a legal right to be present but not disruptive. If you prefer to limit attendance to like-minded folks you can host on private property, like a residence.

Organize an action – get creative. Let us know if you’d like assistance writing a press release.

Write an opinion piece for a newspaper or local community blog.

Contact Parks, Parks Board of Commissioners, Animal Control, your local councilperson , and/or the mayor.

Submit a meeting announcement or article for consideration for this site, it’s distributed to everyone who signs up to get email notifications, email

Grow the Leash Dogs movement. Support and share this site with other concerned people.

Sign up to follow this blog to receive occasional emails of posts and announcements.

Check out Seattle Nature Alliance.

One thought on “Suggestions

  1. Please come to the Seattle Parks Commission meeting on Thurs. Sept. 22 at Miller Community Center at 6:30. There will be a discussion of increasing Off leash areas in Seattle.

    We need all the help we can get.

    Ellen Taft
    Citizens for the Protection of Volunteer Park


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